Helping Georgians Talk and Listen Across Their Differences

If we want to rail against the evils of our opponents for nothing more than the sheer pleasure of the cathartic release, so be it. Nothing will get done while we spew our splenetic bile at one another. But if we actually want to solve problems in this country, we need to recognize that, under our system of government, working together is the only way to do that.        ---   Jay Cost, American Enterprise Institute

Building a House United

Launched in 2016, Braver Angels is a national citizens' movement to bring liberals, conservatives and others together at the grassroots level - not to find centrist compromise, but to find one another as citizens. 

Braver Angels provides a space for cross-partisan conversations that are GUARANTEED SAFE from stereotyping and disrespect. Our events are managed by rigorously trained moderators who keep a firm hand on the temperature of the dialogue. Everyone is encouraged to express strong opinions freely and passionately.  But we cultivate an attitude that assumes that those who differ do so because they love their country and care about our collective future. If you are accustomed to being mocked, dismissed, or insulted because of your views,  WE NEED YOU in Braver Angels of Georgia because all of us are trying to understand why others think as they do and how we can learn from each other.